Timucua or Creek Kids Creative Clans

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An educational program for your classroom, grade level, or school.

This program explores Native American daily life and focuses

on how Timucua children lived before the Spanish arrived in Florida

or how the Creeks lived in Georgia

Hands on activities include:

Shelling Corn and Grinding

Weaving on a loom with Raffia

Plying Rope

Pottery Making

Native American Sea Urchin Spine Necklace

Tattoos and Face Painting

Native American Language Games

Native American Toys & Games

Cool Touch Table with Turtle Shells,

Snake Skins, Animal Furs,

Conch Horns and More!

Each student completes and

keeps four projects:

Pottery, Sea Urchin Spine,
Native American Toy & Plied Rope.

Each class receives a Native American Clan Certificate!

You can view a 20 minute PowerPoint on either the Creek or Timucua on the day of this program!