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Are you being fired upon? Is it too much for your class to come to St. Augustine or go anywhere on a field trip?

Well, let us bring history to YOU!

Along with our historical Spanish or Revolutionary Colonial Kids Creative Classroom or Timucua or Creek Kids Classroom we now offer the following Power Point Presentations:

Spanish Colonial Kids: St. Augustine in 1702

Revolutionary Colonial Kids in 1776

First Floridians: The Timucua

The World of the Muscogee Creek

St. Augustine: History & City

New: Florida Crackers: Pioneer Life in the 1800's

Power Points Include:

Castillo de San Marcos

History of St. Augustine

Colonial Kids: Georgia or Florida

Native American: Creek or Timucua

Castillo De San Marcos

Watch the Castillo De San Marcos come alive before your eyes! Watch as we lead you through every room of the Castillo De San Marcos and give you her entire history, without the long lines or humidity!