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Time, Continuity, and Change [History]
Standard 1:
The student understands historical chronology and the historical perspective.(SS.A.1.1)
1. compares everyday life in different places and times and understands that people, places, and things change over time.
2. understands that history tells the story of people and events of other times and places.
3. knows a family history through two or three generations (e.g., customs, beliefs, and traditions of ancestors and their homelands).
4. understands broad categories of time (e.g., past, present, and future: yesterday, today, and tomorrow) and calendar time (days, weeks, months, and years).

Standard 2:
The student understands the world from its beginnings to the time of the Renaissance.(SS.A.2.1)
1. knows methods of communication from long ago and the technological developments that facilitated communications (e.g., speaking by gestures; trasnmitting stories orally; the use of pictographs, hieroglyphics and different alphabets; writing by hand and printing with machines).
2. understands the differences in the methods of travel from various times in human history and the advantages and disadvantages of each (e.g., the use of animals such as horses and camels; nonmotorized vehicles such as chariots and travoises). 3. understands the significances and historical contributions of historical figures during this period (e.g., the journeys of famous explorers).

Grades 3-5

Standard 4:
The student understands U.S. history to 1880. (SS.A.4.2)
1. understands the geographic, economic, political, and cultural factors that characterized early exploration of the Americas.
2. understands why Colonial America was settled in regions.
3. knows significant social and political events that led to and characterized the American Revolution.
4. knows significant historical documents and the principal ideas expressed in them (e.g., Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.)

Standard 6:
The student understands the history of Florida and its people. (SS.A.6.2)
1. understands reasons that immigrants came to Florida and the contributions of immigrants to the state’s history.
2. understands the influence of geography on the history of Florida.
3. knows the significant individuals, events, and social, political, and economic characteristics of different periods in Florida’s history
4. understands the perspectives of diverse cultural, ethnic, and economic groups with regard to past and current events in Florida’s history.
5. knows how various cultures contributed to the unique social, cultural, economic, and political features of Florida.
6. understands the cultural, social, and political features of Native American tribes in Florida’s history.
7. understands the unique historical conditions that influenced the formation of the state and how statehood was granted.