Colonial Kids Creative Classroom

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Paula S. Gates

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Your students will learn about everyday Colonial Life,
with a focus on either Spanish Florida or Revolutionary Georgia.
We have complied with the Jessica Lunsford Act.

Our hands-on approach will
include many activities.
The "chores" that your students will participate in are:

Using a drop spindle to make yarn
Weaving wool on a loom
Shelling corn for grinding
Grinding corn with mortar and pestles
Writing on parchment with a quill pen
Weaving palm leaf chains - Georgia classes will receive a corn-husk doll
Stringing shells for colonial jewelry
Making a colonial toy
Using a rope machine                                     Sewing Shoe Soles                                         Colonial Pump Drills

Students will be actively participating and we will give prizes for correct riddle answers!

All of these activities are designed to let your students understand how hard
and challenging life was in Colonial Times for both children and adults.

Presentations can be for grade levels or entire schools!

Click here to read how In-School Field Trips are Set Up!

Minimum number of students may be required. Call or email today!

We can also use your rooms as stations that the students rotate through.
Times can be tailored to meet your needs but usually run about 45-60 minutes.

Your guide is in period clothing.

Each Student completes and keeps 4 projects; A Colonial shell necklace, a ball & cup toy, a palm woven chain, and a Quill pen and ink drawing!  Georgia students will make a simple corn husk doll instead of a palm woven chain.

Each Classroom receives a Colonial Kids parchment that their students sign to remember their Colonial Classroom experience.

Be sure to ask about our Power Points! Click here to find out more!

All Colonial Kids Creative Classrooms are $6 or less per student!
Please remember that minimum numbers may apply.

Please call for your counties price!